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African Bobolo, Cameroon Bobolo, pate de manioc, 100% Cassava , Cassava Paste

100% Naturel, No Additive, No Preservation

Keep Fronzen -18C, weight 1kg/2.2lbs/Pack

This frozen cassavas sausage is one of the most appreciated cassava products known in Cameroon. It is locally called Bobolo...or Baton de manio... Another specialty from Cameroon: the bobolo. Bobolo are manioc sticks that have been rolled into a snail and then wrapped in banana leaves. Bobolo can be steamed or heated in the oven. Cassava bread is a popular side dish in Africa. Unprocessed cassava only lasts a few days. However, fresh cassava bread in the banana leaf can be stored for up to 20 days. Of course, manioc bread will last longer if vacuumed. Bobolo can also be frozen well. We also carry Chikwangue and Miondo. These are other types of cassava bread. also good for loose weight.


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